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Ladies gym in Rochdale, is different to most fitness centres in the UK. It is a gym service offering express personalised workouts and so much more. This page explains some of the key features and benefits of our friendly, no intimidation health club. The Tips & Titbits page shows links to LOL fitness publicity & You Tube footage.

We offer 30 minute circuits of increasing intensity as you progress. So, you don't need lots of spare time to attend our gym regularly and if you attend three times a week, you will very quickly look and feel amazing.

Our motto is No Men, No Mirrors, No Lycra! as we believe this says it all. You don't need to worry about feeling out of place when you use our gym, because we have a friendly team of staff who will look after your individual needs. The things that women find intimidating about conventional gyms have been eliminated. Book yourself a taster session to come and get a feel for the environment.

One of our key features is the resistance equipment which utilises air pressure for a smooth easily adjustable resistance. The equipment is safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels. There is no jarring on the joints or noise.

We also have Vibration Training machines, Level Belt Pro training, Falls Prevention and Balance exercises, Pelvic Floor Safe programmes, Classes, High Intensity Interval training, Group Walks plus regular events such as Bone Density Testing and Clinical Thermography.

You are in safe hands as we have gym instructors qualified in:

  • First Aid
  • GP Referral for Exercise
  • Chronic Lower Back Pain Exercise
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease Exercise
  • Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise
  • Hula Hooping for Fitness
    (we can teach classes if you have a suitable venue)

We will personalise every workout so that they are suitable for your individual needs and goals. You don't want to get bored with exercise so our regular consultations measuring your blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat, lean weight, hydration levels & metabolic rate etc to assess your progress will be important to keep you motivated to keep training.

Anyone interested in experiencing a LOL workout can book a complimentary taster workout. This is the best way to establish if we can meet your needs in a more effective, less time consuming way than a large, impersonal gym facility. Contact us on 01706 666314 to make an appointment.

As a Member you can earn a discount on your own membership for recommending us to friends or family who join because of you.

If weight loss is one of your goals we include nutrition advice, active metabolic rate calculations, weekly weigh ins and in-depth body fat & lean weight measurements so we can monitor the changes in your body composition.

Walking is one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight. Ladies Only Gym instructors lead weekly lunchtime walks to help you achieve the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

We use professional weighted hula hoops and resistance bands in some of our workouts and these are available for sale to members and visitors. Great to top up your fitness at home and on holiday.

Other features include: Remedial Massage, The Beauty Cellar, Hair By Lisa, Fake Bake Spray Tans, Chiropody, Reflexology, GHD stockist.



30 minute express workouts

You don’t need lots of spare time to attend our gym regularly

No Men

Ladies Only Ltd - No Men

No Mirrors

lose weight rochdale

No Lycra

lose weight rochdale

Air resistance training (working against smooth adjustable weight)

Safe for all fitness levels and age groups

Vibration Training (exercise on a vibrating base for high volume muscle contractions)

An hour’s workout in 15 minutes

GP Referral qualified instructors

To ensure safe guidelines around your medical conditions and medication

Personalised Programmes

Routines designed around your individual needs & goals


Get our weekly class timetable plus an invite for a free workout by submitting your details on the contact us page

Body Checker Appointments

Get the benefit of a thorough consultation with our qualified instructors as a non-member

Free Introductory Session

Try before you buy

Diet Advice

Weight management advice included in membership

Healthy Walks

Regular walks to help you reach 10,000 steps a day

Healthy Snacks

Ideal post-exercise snacks to replace protein & carbs within 20 minutes

'Bring a Friend' Sessions

Come with friends and family so we can help you have fun getting fit

Professional Hula Hoops for sale

A whole body workout you can do watching Corrie. (Watch out for ornaments and pets)

Resistance bands for sale

A great holiday resistance exercise routine. A band won’t impose on the space & weight of your luggage

No snobbery pampering

Everything you need to help you feel fab under one roof

Hair By Lisa

Best town centre prices and GHD supplier

The Beauty Cellar

Minx, Shellac, Jessica, Environ, Jane Iredale, Twinkle Toes, Fake Bake

Hanzon Massage

Relaxing or remedial massage at the hands of Ayumi

Electronic Massage Bed

Therapeutic massage without undressing


Let someone else provide the feet treats

Red Bed

Collagen Red Light Therapy

With our vertical red bed you can treat skin all over your body

Breast Thermography

Detect breast abnormalities at the vital earliest stage with this safe and painless method

Level Belt Pro

Focused core stability training ideal for sportswomen with core weakness or women with lower back pain

Juice Plus

Improve your nutritional intake for health or weight loss with Juice Plus supplements and tailored advice about how it can help you

Primary School Hula Hoop Classes

Promote fun, laughter, stability, fitness, balance and co-ordination by booking us to teach children in your school


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