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Fantasy Dinner Party

Gino D'Acampo

You might get a better idea about who we are and what we love if you knew how we’d like to spend a Saturday night. Well, our fantasy dinner party would have the following celebs round the table:

Gino D’Acampo. Italian, dark, handsome, and can cook, and we love food (skipping meals or just nibbling lettuce leaves is not the way to lose weight)

Louie Spence. Fit, fabulous, funny and flexible. He’ll have us dancing ‘til dawn, great for getting fit

Diana Moran. Who remembers the Green Goddess? We don’t do leotards here at Ladies Only gym but she understands how to get fit, especially fitness for older people

Gok Wan. He’ll have us brimming with confidence and dressed to impress in no time. Self confidence is one of the first things you start to gain when you begin to exercise regularly.

Mary Portas. She’d have some interior design tips and if the service wasn’t up to much, she be the voice of the people. We like Mary’s customer service tips and adopt them at Ladies Only Ltd

Victoria Wood. We love her Fatitude aerobics class "You can do any diet you like girls, but if you don’t do the exercises, your up the shopping centre without a credit card"

Active metabolic rate

AMR calc formula.

To calculate your ideal daily calorie requirement, you need your body weight, age and summary of your typical activity levels.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories you burn each day whilst completely sedentary. Use the formula below:

Age 10-17 (12.2 x body weight kg) +746
Age 18-29 (14.7 x body weight kg) +496
Age 30-60 (8.7 x body weight kg) + 829
Age 60+ (10.5 x body weight kg) + 596

But no-one sleeps 24 hours a day, so you need to assess your activities on an average 24 hour day to calculate your additional calorie burn.


Multiple of BMR

Sleeping, reclining whilst watching TV
Very light
Sitting and standing activities, such as driving, playing cards, typing
Activities comparable to walking at a leisurely pace, light housework, sports such as golf, bowling, archery
Walking at a pace of 3½ - 4 miles mph, active gardening, sports such as cycling, tennis, dancing
Faster walking, stair and hill climbing, more active sports such as weight lifting, football, running or high intensity cycling


Account for your average 24 hour day with the number of hours in each category. Multiply the hours in each category by the multiple shown on the right. Add up the totals and divide the grand total by 24. The result should now be multiplied by the BMR reached in the first formula.

If you have accurately assessed your activities, you now know how many calories your body burns in an average day. If you are trying to lose weight you need to consume fewer calories per day. If you want to maintain your weight you need to consume the same calorie intake. If you are trying to gain weight you need to exceed the number of calories burnt. For help in any of this, please make enquiries at the gym 01706 666314

Love Rochdale

Ladies Only Ltd has different monthly offers if you have a Love Rochdale loyalty card. Loyalty cards can be applied for online at and entitle you to special deals at lots of fabulous local businesses. To find out what deals are available to cardholders go to followed by 'click here to enter site' and 'click here to find out current promotions'.

Hula-Hoop world record attempt

Ladies Only Ltd choreographed and took part in two World Record attempts for the most people following a Hula Hoop Workout. The first was with over 500 school children on the day the London 2012 Olympic Torch passed through Rochdale town centre and the second was the following summer with pupils from Spotland Primary School. Ladies Only Ltd instructors are regularly booked to teach Hula Hoop PE classes in primary schools and After School clubs.


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