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Environmental Policy Statement

Ladies Only Ltd is a small, friendly gym for women of all ages and fitness levels. We help our members individually, to lead fitter, healthier lifestyles and provide specialist exercise instruction for women with medical conditions.

Ladies Only Ltd recognise that climate change is a serious global problem. As a business we are committed to minimising our contribution to climate change. We aim to achieve blue certification in our carbon reduction programme and to subsequently improve our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint by 15% within 3 years from our current measured footprint of 11.82 tonnes of CO2e.

To achieve our environmental objectives we will:

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint by 5-8% in the first year of our carbon reduction programme from the current level of 11.82 tonnes of CO2e
  2. Appoint one member of staff as our 'Green Champion' to encourage staff engagement in our long term plan
  3. Communicate with members what our target is and encourage them to participate in our three year carbon reduction programme starting with a 'switch off' campaign & recycling bins
  4. Closely monitor meter readings and utilities data, creating a spreadsheet to show, and learn from fluctuations in monthly energy spend
  5. Replace light fittings with more efficient technology, de-lamp & fit reflectors, run a switch-off campaign & install some areas with automatic shutdown sensors
  6. Supply Fair Trade coffee and snacks
  7. Review the environmental policy annually

The action plan will be communicated to our staff, members and suppliers through use of our web site, social media and internal notices on the boards in the gym and staff area. The action plan will show our commitments, initial action plan and the subsequent results.

This environmental policy will be published and shown in reception areas, in general communications and on our developed website. A full annual review will take place alongside quarterly action reviews with the green champion.

Michelle Matthews

Director, Ladies Only Ltd

18 June 2012


carbon smart blue certified 2012

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