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Testimonials. Lovely comments people have said about us

"This place is unique. Not only is it a safe and happy place for ladies to exercise, it caters for so many medical issues in a professional yet friendly environment. This is the only exercise provider who has been able to help me with a bespoke programme which will allow me to exercise, without aggravating my health conditions."

Clare Cooper Member 13847

"The gym has been and still is a lifeline for me since I retired from work."

Anne Hind Member 4150

"A very happy and cheerful place to enjoy exercise. Staff make you feel very welcome."

Hazel Beswick Member 36051

On school hula hoop sessions:

"It was an amazing day. The tricks were quite at hard at first but once we practiced it was fun and easy"

Amber from Year 5

"This was a great day for all ages - there was no-one who couldn't hula hoop at the end of the day! The instructors were really encouraging and kept introducing harder tricks to keep up the challenge."

The Staff, Sharneyford Primary School

"The expertise and friendliness of all the staff is excellent."

Monica Fowler Member 4697

"Very relaxing and fun, miss it when I’m on hols, all staff are like friends, always smiling and welcoming."

Ann Crossley Member 36000

"Great facilities. Friendly staff. Enjoy every visit."

Lynn Plant Member 4079

"There is a wide range of facilities, hairdresser, beautician, massage therapist, chiropodist and several different people coming in so we have a wide variety of health and retail items. It’s never boring."

Margaret Kershaw Member 36077

"Michelle and her team are all very friendly, welcoming and professional. It is a great place to come for low-impact exercise/resistance work for those of us with health issues and there are plenty of additional extras eg hair, beauty, chiropody. Michelle is very proactive in supporting other local small businesses."

Mrs Gregson Member 36073

"Always greeted with a smile. Names known very quickly – gives a personal approach. Staff keep an eye on you during exercise to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. Provides a nice environment for people to meet, especially people living alone. Provides for a wide age range. Ideal for the disabled as all the exercises are personal.
I have been a member at other gyms and nowhere do they look after you as well as at Ladies Only Ltd"

Wendy Pinfield Member 4674

"I always hear recipes and diet tips being shared, problems discussed and solutions offered, and news on any good special offers going around."

Clare Cooper

"I would say membership of Ladies Only is fantastic value for money and health benefits. It feels more like a friendship club than a commercial business, which is a real achievement."

Clare Cooper

"I feel much better now than a few months ago. Many people can acutally see the change I've made."

Member 13788

"I have been coming to the gym for 6 months now, I am very pleased with the results already. 3 times a week and love every minute."

Member 13774

"Really enjoy coming. Impressed with what I have achieved in such a short time."

Member 12912

"Fantastic results - couldn't have done it without your help. Can't wait for the next reassessment"

Member 4219


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