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Vitality. Being Active with Health Problems

If you've been diagnosed with a medical condition, being physically active will improve your quality of life. It's important to get advice from an Exercise Professional who will help you to exercise safely. At Ladies Only Ltd, we have qualified Wright Foundation GP Referral Exercise instructors along with specialist qualifications for:


Special Routines for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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Taking exercise is an important part of managing COPD. Medication and will be prescribed but exercise and healthy living are also vital to best treat the symptoms. Regular exercise may seem daunting at first, especially if you have oxygen therapy, but with the help of the Ladies Only Ltd team you'll be amazed how your fitness and confidence grows.

If you have completed a course of NHS Pulmonary Rehabilitation you will have already learned breathing techniques and improved your fitness. Our maintenance exercise plan will be personalised to your needs and should commence as soon as possible after rehabilitation.

With improved fitness and a better understanding of your breathlessness, your quality of life will begin to improve and day-to-day activities will become more manageable. Exacerabtions are likely to become less frequent and you will feel like you are back in control.

A programme of exercise designed by a qualified Chronic Respiratory Disease Instructor will help you to:


Being Active With or After Cancer

Whether you're still being treated or your treatment is complete, our Wright Foundation Cancer Rehabilitation instructor at Ladies Only Ltd can help you to enjoy a regular routine of exercise that can help you recover from cancer and the side effects of treatment.

Besides reducing the risk of developing other health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle, physical activity at the right intensity can help reduce stress and fatigue, control your weight, and increase your strength and stamina.

Ladies Only Ltd provide the perfect setting for you to exercise with supervision in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. We will design routines that you enjoy, and measure your progress so you can see regular improvements in your achievements. Knowing the benefits will help to keep you motivated on days when you are struggling.

Keeping to a healthy weight and exercising regularly can reduce the risk of the cancer coming back or getting a new primary cancer. With regular consultations and adaptations we will work together to beat the cancer.

For a free consultation please contact Ladies Only Ltd on 01706 666314 and book an appointment to see Michelle.


Chronic Lower Back Pain

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The human spine is an unstable structure in isolation. Without the complex interaction of many muscles the spine would bend uncontrollably in all directions. When these muscles are weak due to inactivity, the lumbar spine is susceptible to force and pressure which can cause pain.

Prolonged periods in one position or poor manual handling can be excruciating, and in either case it's important to strengthen the core muscles. At Ladies Only Ltd we have a Wright Foundation Chronic Lower Back Pain specialist exercise instructor who has designed a six-stage progressive routine for people with lower back pain, aimed at improving muscular strength and endurance of the core muscles, balance and posture.

We recommend these exercises are performed daily, avoiding the first couple of hours of the day. When you are exercising in Ladies Only Ltd gym you will be supervised by instructors that can ensure you adopt an effective technique.

We can also give you lifestyle tips or deliver lower back pain workshops to groups to help you to reduce the risk of worsening problems in the future affecting your quality of life.

To trial a chronic lower back pain exercise session, contact Ladies Only Ltd on 01706 666314 for an appointment.

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